appraisal SERVICES

There are many reasons to get an appraisal.  The most common are Personal Articles policies, also known as Insurance Replacement Policies and Fair Market Value used for probate also known as Estate Appraisals. 

An insurance replacement appraisal is what your insurance company needs to open an insurance policy.  These usually take about 20 mins for a single item.  You'll get everything you need to open a policy.  From pictures to a full legal description,  in the proper format that your insurance company will accept.

A Fair market Value appraisal is what you need to insure many pieces of jewelry under your existing homeowners policy.  This appraisal covers ALL your jewelry upto the limits of the terms outlined in your current homeowners policy, typically around $5000.  First, we will go through all your jewelry and sort out the "real" jewelry from the imitation.  Then you'll get pictures and a legal description of ALL the pieces that are left over.

We offer free verbal appraisals. Many times clients just want to know "how much something is worth" for their own reasons.  we don't charge for that and its always a pleasure to help out with evaluating your items casually.  

We offer discounts to anyone that is serving or has served in the military.  Our Appraiser is a former Infantry Marine...'nuff said. 

Adrian graduated from George Mason University and served in Iraq with the USMC.  He has been appraising jewelry since graduating from the Gemological Institute of America in 2000 and is the only GIA Graduate Jeweler/Gemologist in NOVA.